PGA is an office of professional lawyers and economists with more than 25 years of experience which offers all its clients comprehensive consulting services to help them in their businesses in the areas of labor, taxation, accounting, business, and legal matters.

At PGA, we believe that our clients are part of our organization, and therefore we offer them totally personalized service available all the working days of the year in a professional, confidential way. Our clients are assigned a consultant who is fully cognizant of the issues in their company and can advise them on any actions or jobs needed.

Our focus on using the new information technologies and the continuous training of our professionals enables us to provide our clients with practical solutions quickly and effectively.

PRaCTICe areas

We offer the advice that you need to fulfil your tax obligations.

Our team of professionals will advise you and solve your needs in such pressing matters.

Our labor department will provide you with quick, effective advice on all matters related to the management of your employees.

Our team has extensive experience in corporate law.

We can help you to resolve any legal issue in the area of corporate law or private law.

PRaCTICe areas