Extraordinary aid autonomus from the Generalitat

In accordance with Decree Law 39/2020 of November 3, the Generalitat has approved an extraordinary and punctual aid in the form of a single payment economic benefit for a fixed amount of € 2,000.-.


➢ Individuals registered with the RETA or alternative mutual fund

➢ Maximum number of workers hired taking as a reference the average of the previous year: 5 workers

➢ Self-employed companies: in this case the company cannot have more than 3 partners or it cannot be more than 6 people between partners and workers, taking as a reference the average of the previous year.

➢ Cooperative members: the same limitations as in the previous point apply.

➢ They must have the tax domicile in Catalonia

➢ The tax base of the last declaration of income of natural persons must be equal to or less than € 35,000.-.

➢ The net return of the activity of the first three quarters of 2020 does not have to exceed the amount of € 13,125.-.

It will be done through a single payment by the administration. This benefit is unattachable.

It must be processed through the Electronic Headquarters of the Generalitat of Catalonia, declaring under the responsibility of the subject himself that the requirements are met, which can later be verified by the administration.

Once the budget item is finished, no more aid will be given.

Once the aid is requested, the administration has to resolve within a maximum period of 3 months, resolving in chronological order of presentation. Once this period has elapsed without an express resolution having been issued and notified, the aid will be understood to have been rejected.

The application or page to request the help is not yet active, so interested persons will have to review the gencat.cat website until it is active in order to process it.