Circular regularization of autonomus quotas

The General Treasury of the Social Security (TGSS) informed us last Thursday, October 29, 2020, that as of this month of October it will proceed to update the contribution rates in the following terms:

– For the contribution for professional contingencies, the contribution rate will be 1.1%.

– For the cessation of activity, the contribution rate will be 0.8%

This update of the contribution rates implies an increase in the quota of the self-employed of 0.30% over the amount of their contribution base.

For instance:

– For a contribution base of € 944.40, the increase in the fee will be € 2.83 per month

– For a contribution base it is € 1,214.15, the increase in the fee will be € 3.64 per month.

The update has retroactive effects from January 1, 2020, so in the coming weeks the TGSS will report the regularization of the fees that correspond to the months of January to September 2020 and will issue a receipt for these arrears. The self-employed receipt for the month of October, which was uploaded to the bank on Friday the 30th, already incorporates the increase in fees for this month.

Likewise, for those self-employed workers who in the month of March 2020 requested the extraordinary benefit of cessation of activity and the self-employed quota for that month was not charged, the TGSS will proceed to issue this month of October an extraordinary charge with The purpose of regularizing the outstanding fee for the month of March 2020, without any surcharge.

It will be essential that at the beginning of January 2021 you inform us of the annual amount of the self-employed fees paid during 2020, in order to be able to regularize the amounts that we have in our database and thus be able to communicate them correctly for tax purposes.