Professional Team

To provide a quality service, it is necessary to have a prepared human team with dedication, honesty and tenacity that, together with personal treatment, are essential in any professional.

All the people who make up the PGA team are, have and believe in these values, so without any doubt they will know how to satisfactorily assist you in all those questions that may be raised.

However, in a multidisciplinary firm, it is the interrelation between its professionals, that is, teamwork, which gives real value to the service by allowing clients’ issues to be analyzed from all points of view and resolved with all their implications.

Lluís Aulina
Partner director

Montserrat Ibáñez
partner and lawyer

Elena González Ruiz
responsible for the labor department

Teresa Mulero
Social Graduate

Yolanda Jaime
labor advisor

Estrella Iglesias
tax and accounting advisor

Roger Paris Dalmau
tax and accounting advisor

Mercedes Sabater
accounting advisor

Mª Blanca Magro
accounting technique

Marta Ricart
responsible administration