The Firm

PROVENÇA GRUP D’ASSESSORS is an office of professional lawyers and economists whose priority is to offer comprehensive, high-quality business consulting services in the areas of taxation, civil and labor affairs, business, economics-accounting and legal matters.

PGA was born in 1998 as a result of the integration of two professional companies, both with a long history of more than twenty-five years of experience in the field. Since then and with a clear vocation for quality and service, PGA has continued to develop professional services to companies and individuals, always trying to anticipate the needs of its clients.

Our company is specialized in working with family-owned businesses and in designing strategies that make the most of tax, business and labour benefits for both companies and their partners.

For this reason, our office offers comprehensive, personalized consulting services. Each client is assigned a professional who serves as their regular interlocutor and is fully cognizant of the issues in their company.

Our human team is our office’s main asset, and they stand out for their solid training and their constant quest for further training. Coupled with their dedication and multidisciplinary approach, this uniquely poises us to deal with our clients’ problems and consider them our own.

Our clients include companies of all kinds, including corporations, individual entrepreneurs, freelancers, holdings and corporate groups, non-profit organizations (foundations and associations) and professional colleges.